Ringing in The New Year

One of my favorite cousins is back, posting about how you can keep your New Years resolutions going strong all year long… Not just until February 1st! Check out Heather’s expert advice here! The new year is the time for new beginnings. With 2013 right around the corner, what do you want to change, improve, … Continue reading

Beating Bad Habits

So grateful for my wonderful cousin Heather who wrote today’s post about trading in bad habits, for healthy, productive ones. Trade Those Bad Habits in for Healthy, Productive Ones! I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Life Coach. I work with clients of all ages, ethnicities, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, and gender. … Continue reading

3 Tips to Make Eating Right Easy

I hope some of you remember the awesome article that Carrie of Dream Green DIY wrote a few months ago.  Well, this week she’s on her honeymoon, and today, I’ve taken over the Dream Green DIY with my guest post on eating right made easy. At 13 years old, I learned how to make excuses … Continue reading

Weights and Body Fats and BMIs, Oh My.

If you’re a typical individual in today’s American society, chances are you’ve partaken in some sort of weight loss program. Whether you’ve followed a particular program or not, you probably know the Jenny Craig theme song, the basis for the Atkins diet, and have heard some craze about “going vegan.” You probably also know that … Continue reading

Not Your Typical Spring Cleaning.

So part of starting a blog means a lot of trial and error.  One of the things I’ve tried:  having a monthly theme, has ended up in a a slight error.  There’s just too much information out there, and I usually never stick to the ‘theme’ anyways! I know when I normally think of spring … Continue reading

A Birthday Without Cake.

Don’t Misunderstand. There was plenty of cake. Just none on my plate. As many of you have heard, last week was my birthday. A week full of celebrations, beautiful weather, and of course… food. As many of you may not have heard, on Monday (the 19th… the day before my birthday) I began my journey … Continue reading