• Behind the Idea

    According the laws of physics and aerodynamics, the bee should not be able to fly. Yet, somehow the bee defies all laws and uses his flight to do his life’s work and pollinate the seeds that blossom into fruits and flowers to provide us humans with over 40% of our earth’s food production.

    Just Bee was created to be an excitingly educational, delightfully delicious, and slightly sarcastic resource devoted to helping you connect with your food, your body, and your community to become the extraordinary limitless yet very small piece to the greater whole that you are.

    So tell me, what will you bee?

A New Site!

Hi Everyone! As you may have noticed, I have not posted on the page in a looonnnggg time.  I have been busy building a fresh new website to operate from.  Please come on by http://www.JessiHaggerty.com and enjoy some insight and inspiration!  My first post is a video about taking vitamins/minerals through supplements.  Check it out! … Continue reading

Does Dairy Have a Place in the American Diet?

I’ll preface this post with this:  I eat dairy.  Not a lot, but I definitely eat it.  I’ll also say that I could write a book on this topic, and this post doesn’t encompass nearly everything that is to be said about the amount of dairy in the American diet. If you’re like me, you … Continue reading

Is Organic More Nutritious?

Many of you might have read the somewhat recent Harvard University study concluding that organic foods are no more nutritious than non-organic, or conventional foods.  Unfortunately, this study failed to point out the many other reasons that people might choose organic over conventionally produces or raised foods. First let’s take a look at the definition … Continue reading

Intro to Juice Cleansing

Happy Almost Summer!  This is about the time of year when we start to get a little more hard on ourselves, in terms of physical appearance (generally speaking).  And I know a lot of people who go through some drastic measures to feel confident in a bathing suit, most common is the ever-so-popular, Juice Cleanse.  … Continue reading

What’s the Deal with Carbs?

I will start off by saying, to each is own. There is not one diet that fits everyone, and there is not one perfect food meant to fuel every individuals work out. That being said, there is a TON of misinformation out there about carbohydrates, and it is my job to help you clear the … Continue reading

The Buzz: Urban Agriculture Initiative in Somerville, MA

For anybody living in an urban area, you are probably well aware that there is little free space to be growing your own fruits and vegetables, let alone raise chickens or partake in beekeeping.  Well luckily, here where I live in Somerville, MA, Mayor Curtatone has formulated an Urban Agriculture Initiative, which allows (and encourages) … Continue reading