Does Dairy Have a Place in the American Diet?

I’ll preface this post with this:  I eat dairy.  Not a lot, but I definitely eat it.  I’ll also say that I could write a book on this topic, and this post doesn’t encompass nearly everything that is to be said about the amount of dairy in the American diet. If you’re like me, you … Continue reading

Improv Cooking: Lentil Soup

A few months ago I decided to stop taking Improv Acting Classes in order to free up some time to join OnStage Dance Company.  While it was a tough decision to give up the classes, I didn’t let go of all of the principles that the class taught me.  Instead, I’ve translated them to where I … Continue reading

How To: Raw Vegan Cheese

Don’t turn away just yet.  I know this sounds like an anomaly, and perhaps it is.  But, with the increasing number of folks out there that avoid dairy for due to allergies, ethical, or health reasons, but still crave that creamy, tangy, cheese flavor, this just might be the closest thing you will ever find. … Continue reading

PBJ Bites

After brainstorming with a co-worker for a good “grape” based snack, we came up with these little bites of awesomeness. They have the same, if not better taste as good ol fashioned peanut butter and jelly, but they are packed with way more nutrients and fiber. Why? Instead of jelly, I used the whole grape, … Continue reading

Pumpkin Spice Up Your Life

I know it’s no surprise to you that pumpkin is the fruit of the season, meaning fall is officially in full swing. Pumpkin is loaded with fiber and it’s rich orange color indicates it’s full of beta carotene.  But with all of that “pumpkin” you are consuming, are you sure you’re reaping the benefits?  As … Continue reading

Meatless Monday

Have you heard about the movement?  Start your week off strong by packing your meals with PLANTS, not animal products. Why, you ask?  Consuming less meat can reduce the risk of cancer and heart disease, help fight diabetes, curb obesity, and help you live longer.  Not to mention it will also reduce your carbon footprint … Continue reading