Improv Cooking: Lentil Soup

A few months ago I decided to stop taking Improv Acting Classes in order to free up some time to join OnStage Dance Company.  While it was a tough decision to give up the classes, I didn’t let go of all of the principles that the class taught me.  Instead, I’ve translated them to where I … Continue reading

Ski Snacks

Last weekend I spent the a few days on the slopes in Stowe, VT.  Attempting to avoid the overpriced (and greasy) ski lodge snacks, I decided to pack a cooler of healthier-for-you goodies, to keep me and this guy well nourished during a day of skiing and snow boarding. Foods that graced the cooler: Homemade … Continue reading

Ringing in The New Year

One of my favorite cousins is back, posting about how you can keep your New Years resolutions going strong all year long… Not just until February 1st! Check out Heather’s expert advice here! The new year is the time for new beginnings. With 2013 right around the corner, what do you want to change, improve, … Continue reading

Healthy Holidays: Thanksgiving

I’m sure you’re all getting a little crazy now… ya know with all of you holiday shopping for that big food-centric holiday coming up.  I know because not only am I getting ready for it too, I’ve been right in the thick of it at Whole Foods.  This past week I’ve been dreaming about turkeys, … Continue reading

How To: Raw Vegan Cheese

Don’t turn away just yet.  I know this sounds like an anomaly, and perhaps it is.  But, with the increasing number of folks out there that avoid dairy for due to allergies, ethical, or health reasons, but still crave that creamy, tangy, cheese flavor, this just might be the closest thing you will ever find. … Continue reading

Sustainability in the Closet

A few weeks ago, one of my most fashion-forward friends (and the logo designer of Just Bee) and I were talking about our favorite ways to find a good clothing bargain, without skimping on quality.  We both agreed one of our favorite stores was Buffalo Exchange, a second hand store where you can buy, sell, … Continue reading